Explore the of Thailand at Home!

Sweet, Spicy, Tropical and complex...

A Treat For Your Senses!

Thai Coconut Island prepares Thai food that is complete with rich aromas, unique flavours, colourful ingredients and palate pleasing textures! We’re sure you’ll find something on our expansive menu that will become your instant favourite.

Our Most Popular Dishes Include:

Pad Thai • Mango Salad • Cashew Chicken • Spring Rolls • Red and Yellow Curry and More!

Everything we serve is made using high-quality fresh ingredients, giving the dishes their authentic flavours.

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Cooking Up Authentic Thai Since 2004!

We're Selective, So You Don't Have To Be

Everything from the shrimp and chicken to the produce and spices, everything used to make Thai Coconut Island’s famous dishes is hand-selected to ensure maximum freshness and flavour. You can be sure when you order from our menu, your food will be prepared fresh by our amazing chef and kitchen staff.

Sweet & Spicy

What makes Thai cuisine so distinctive is the contrasting flavour profiles. By combining ingredients such as sweet, creamy coconut with spicy curry and chilies, you get something unforgettable that is truly Thai.

Tropical Treats

Thai ​desserts are unique as well.Explore the tropical side of Thailand with dishes made using coconut, mango and papaya.

Established in 2004, Thai Coconut Island brings authentic Thai cuisine to the people of Cambridge. Our talented chef is Thai-born and lovingly shares the flavours of his Northern Thailand homeland.

Thai Coconut is a local family run casual Thai dining establishment in Cambridge, Ontario. We pride ourselves on serving up flavourful Thai cuisine in our clean and comfortable restaurant.Offering friendly and reliable service, Thai Coconut Island may just become your new favourite place to eat Thai food.

The flavours of Thailand are incredible!  Enjoy freshly prepared dishes at Thai Coconut Island!

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Thai Coconut Island

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